Sheet Piling

Donegan Civil Engineering install sheet piling for a wide range of applications, from cofferdams to deep trench excavations.

Steel Sheet Piling

Donegan Civil Engineering has the equipment and experience to install heavy duty sheet piling for a number of applications.

We have constructed sheet pilings for multiple purposes including:

  • An octagonal shaped cofferdam with 10m long heavy duty larson sheet piles and tank brace supports to allow the construction of a guide collar, for a 20.00m diameter shaft, approx 9m below ground level in Altrincham.
  • The installation of 8m long steel sheet piling along the centre of Strand Street, Liverpool.
  • A two-part sheeted cofferdam excavation for the construction of a Reinforced CSO Chamber.

Forming cofferdams for the construction chambers, or installing permanent piling for retaining walls is a routine activity for the company.

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Sheet Piling Case Studies

Take a look at some of Donegan Civil Engineering’s latest projects to see the work we’ve done throughout the United Kingdom.