Medlock CSO Screening

Medlock CSO Screening

Client: Costain / United Utilities

Value: £2,200,000

Project Description/Main Operations:

V J Donegan & Co Ltd was enlisted to collaborate with Costain in via their MSP Framework in partnership with United Utilities on the Medlock CSO Screening project. This initiative aimed to minimize the environmental impact of combined sewer overflows into the Medlock watercourse, an essential effort towards enhancing urban water quality and protecting community health. The project’s complexity was heightened by the sensitive urban environment and the need for rigorous environmental compliance.

As appointed Principal Contractor and Principal Designer, V J Donegan & Co Ltd appointed Water Engineering Services Ltd as M&E Design and Contractor and WSP as Design Delivery Partner for the delivery of the project.

V J Donegan’s solution encompassed:

  • The design, construction, and commissioning of new 6mm powered CSO screens at Hathershaw and Bardsley Pumping Station.
  • Site establishment, traffic management, access and egress, welfare and security as well a self-delivery of the works.
  • Surveying and modification of existing sewer structures to incorporate these screens, ensuring a significant reduction in the discharge of untreated sewage.
  • Comprehensive surveys and the application of cutting-edge design software to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the construction process.
  • Commissioning of the M&E and full design service.
  • Close collaboration with United Utilities and third-party stakeholders to ensure all project deliverables met the stringent standards set forth by environmental and regulatory bodies.

This ambitious project was brought to fruition over a 12-month period, adhering strictly to the planned schedule and Environment Agency Regulatory dates. The successful implementation of the Medlock CSO Screening project has set a new benchmark for environmental protection initiatives, significantly reducing the aesthetic and ecological impacts of sewer overflows in the Medlock watercourse.

Services Provided: