The Airfields, Deeside

Client: D. Morgan PLC / Welsh Water

Value: £500,000.

Project Description/Main Operations:

Lying north of the River Dee and west of the A494 near Garden City, The Airfields is a new residential and commercial development at the site of former RAF Sealand establishment. On behalf of D. Morgan PLC for Welsh Water and as part of the area’s regeneration, V.J. Donegan & Co. Ltd were tasked with the construction and installation of:

  • A 10.50m internal diameter, 15.0m deep caisson shaft in sands and gravels.
  • 11 no deep wet wells to enable the caisson to be installed in “dry conditions”.
  • Base slab and mass benching installed in various pours utilising concrete pumps.
  • An 11m coverslab via a 300te mobile crane.

Services Provided

Project Details