Vinci - 3

New Victoria, Manchester

Client:  Vinci.

Project Description/Main Operations:
VJ Donegan were approached by Vinci two years before works on the project commenced and developed the solution to enable both the diversion of an existing outfall running across the site and also provide a new site connection for combined flows into the surrounding network.

The solution VJD developed solved a number of issues with the original outline clients design, including minimising the impact on the local traffic in the heart of the city centre which was crucial to the works be permitted, utilising the new deep chambers to both divert existing flows and take the new flows from the major development, therefore requiring only a single section application to United Utilities, and by utilising trenchless techniques avoiding the potential diversion of a large number of services that ruled out any open excavation. The solution also avoided any requirement to over-pump existing flows which again was critical to getting approval from United Utilities and Manchester Council, reducing the overall construction cost and potential noise pollution to the surrounding areas.

VJ Donegan worked with the civils designer to ensure construction drawings reflected the actual works to be undertaken on site which allowed works to be completed on time and budget. Upon completion of the diversion and new outfall works piling could commence online of the abandoned culvert which was critical to maintaining the overall project programme.

The full scope of works included construction of two 3.05m dia segmental shafts over 12m deep, three timber heading connections excavated in sandstone totalling 55m length, final connection into a live 1850mm dia brick culvert, installation of two internal backdrop pipes, turning flows from the existing network into the diversion, and abandonment of a number of existing culverts and manhole chambers.

Services Provided