Liverpool Waters - Stanley Dock - Engineering

Liverpool Waters – Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse

Client:  Excalon/Vital Energi

Value:  £600,000.


  • V J Donegan & Co Ltd were approached by Excalon to provide a constructable solution for laying 2 no. 710mm dia. gas pipes across Great Howard Street.
  • Due to the high concentration of utility services within Great Howard Street it was deemed that an open-cut operation was inappropriate.
  • Drawings indicated that services would be found at varying levels within the road and subsequently, one large diameter tunnel would not be suitable. Consequently, V J Donegan and Co Ltd proposed a twin pipejack to reduce tunnel diameter, with each gas pipe being threaded through separate tunnels.
  • V J Donegan and Co Ltd provided value engineering to the project by keeping the pipejack length to a minimum. This was achieved by designing a reception pit that utilised the use of SFA piling so that the pit could be located next to a derelict chimney without undermining its foundations.
  • This work was required for the new development on the Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse site that is part of the Liverpool Waters regeneration project.

Project Description/Main Operations:

  • Construct drive pit 6.50m X 6.00m X 5.50m deep using by pre-pilling steel sheet piles on the opposite side of the street to the tobacco warehouse
  • Construct reception pit 6.50m X 6.00m X 5.50m deep within the site of the Grade II listed tobacco warehouse
  • Construct insertion trench 14.00m X 3m X 5.5m using pre-driven steel sheet piles to the back of the drive pit to facilitate the insertion of the 2 no. 710mm dia. gas pipes
  • 32.50m long twin 1200mm pipejack constructed by tunnelling machine incorporating a backactor , from drive pit to reception pit underneath Great Howard Street
  • Installation of 2 no. 710mm dia. gas pipes at a depth of 5.50m – 6.00m underneath Great Howard Street

Services Provided