Weaverham WwTW, Green Asset Lab Enabling Works

Client:  Costain/United Utilities


  • V J Donegan & Co Ltd received an enquiry from Costain to design and build for a 25m x 25m hardstanding area to support 8 no. Reactive Media Tanks along with 2 no. CSO Wetland tanks.
  • These tanks were to be supplied by pumps at three separate locations around the WwTW, which would be controlled within a welfare unit next to the slab.
  • This work was required to provide United Utilities with a temporary Green Asset Lab that could be used for future testing of sewerage running through the WwTW.

Project Description/Main Operations:

  • Construct a reinforced concrete slab 25.00m x 25.00m
  • Construct hardstanding area to the side of the slab with 2 no. welfare units connected to mains supply and sewer.
  • Install ducting from slab to three pump locations situated around the WwTW for power cabling and telemetry.
  • Construct crane pad and provide cranage for the installation of CSO storage tanks on the concrete slab.
  • Installation of pumps at three locations, a mains distribution board on the concrete slab and a control panel within the welfare unit to control supply to the tanks.

Services Provided