Failsworth WwTW

Failsworth Waste Water Treatment Works, Failsworth – 2 no. 1500mm dia pipejacks

Client: LiMA for United Utilities

Value: £550,000.00

Project Overview:

As part of a new Waste Water Treatment centre in Failsworth, Greater Manchester, there was a requirement to cross Green Lane, opposite the site, with several ductile iron pipes ranging from 1000mm to 250mm. Additionally, 3 no. 150mm ducts for telemetry were also required.

To allow this, 2 no 1500mm pipe jacks were required to go under Green Lane at a depth of 7m and works were completed in tight working conditions.

Additionally also on site a 6m dia 6m deep shaft was also constructed.

Main Operations:

  • Excavation of 2 No cofferdams; 7 x 6 x 7m deep & 6 x 5 x 7m deep
  • Construction of 2 x 15m of 1500mm diameter pipejacked tunnel using a pneumatic equipment
  • Installation of approx. 60m of ductile iron pipework ranging from 1000mm to 250mm including duckfoot bends, slow bends, etc within said pipejack pipes
  • Installation of 45m of 150mm ducting Sealing works to all ducting and pipework (grout)
  • Reinstatement of working areas, etc
  • Construction of a 6m dia x 6m deep shaft.

Services Provided