Gore Street Sewer Diversion, Salford

Project Title: Gore Street Sewer Diversion, Salford

Client: Sir Robert McAlpine

Value: £350,000.00

Project Description/Main Operations: As part of a new multi-million pound high rise residential development scheme, Sir Robert McAlpine were required to provide new foul & surface water outfalls and to divert an existing main sewer running across the proposed development site.

Due to the tight constraints of the site and the busy dual carriageway bordering the site, trenchless methods were adopted. The works comprised of the following:

• Liaising with Salford Highways and obtaining the required permits

• Installation of a complex lane closure traffic management system

• Overpumping of existing flows around the proposed works

• Excavation of 2 No cofferdams 8 x 6 x 7.5m deep & 4 x 4 x 6m deep

• Construction of 80m of 1500mm diameter pipejacked tunnel using a backacter shield

• Construction of 2 No new 3m diameter Manholes 7 & 5.5m deep

• Installation of 20m of timber heading

• Making connections on to the existing sewer network

• Reinstatement of existing road surfacing, Armco barriers etc

Services Provided