Blackpool Coastal Protection Scheme

Blackpool Coastal Protection Scheme

Donegan were awarded 2 sub-contracts on the works along Blackpool seafront by Birse Coastal.

The first involved constructing an 8.00m diameter shaft within a sheet piled cofferdam approx 9m deep. This method was utilised due to the ground being made up of granular fill and the tidal water pressure.

Other work in this package included open-cut drainage, with pipes of various sizes and a number of manhole chambers, again in sheet piled pits up to 7m deep. And finally the construction of an insitu reinforced concrete valve chamber.

The second package of work involved constructing a new outfall for the existing pumping station. This entailed lifting in 14 precast culvert units, approx 3.4m height x 5.4m length x 1.4m width and each weighing 32 tonne.

Insitu work was then required to finish off the outfall onto the seafront and to tie into the existing structure. Finally 2 RC support beams, each weighing approx 40 tonne, were lifted into place and precast slabs placed on top to support the finished pavement surface.

Work on the outfall was dictated by the tide and so Donegan operatives worked alternating shifts through the day and night to finish the works.

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