Upperpastmonds Road Rochdale

Upperpassmonds Road, Rochdale

This project was carried out on behalf of Balfour Beatty, for United Utilities.

It involved the caisson sinking of a 10.30m internal diameter segmental shaft approx 15m deep through wet sandy clays.

A 762mm diameter steel pipe installed by augerbore approx 30m length was used to connect the shaft to the existing sewer network.

A timber heading approx 20m length was then undertaken to install a section of the rising main with the remaining 30m completed in opencut.

There was also 170m of 600mm diameter concrete pipes installed along the adjacent road as on-line replacement of the existing combined sewer, which also involved constructing 8 new manhole chambers.

Finally the compound area was reinstated and converted back into a car park, which involved reconstructing a stone wall, kerbing and macadam surfacing.

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