Tunnelling & Pipejacking

TBM for Croes Atti

1200mm (4ft) internal diameter ISEKI TBM about to undertake a 40m pipejack crossing underneath the Chester-Holyhead Railway Line at Croes Atti for Costain / Welsh Water.

Dewar Place Cable Tunnel, Edinburgh

2.10m (7ft) internal diameter ’Roadheader’ arrives in Edinburgh to carry out a 200m long segmental tunnel for Scottish Power.

Inside a 1500mm pipejack tunnel

Above the view down a 1500mm (5ft) internal diameter pipejack tunnel in Clifton, Penrith. This tunnel crossed underneath the West Coast Mainline Railway.

Launching TBM in Llandudno, Wales

Launching a 1200mm (4ft) internal diameter TBM from the drive shaft at Llandudno, Wales for Daniel / Welsh Water. In total the machine carried out 2 pipejack drives over 250m successfully.

1500mm internal diameter Backacter in Chester

1500mm (5ft) internal diameter ’Backacter’ Open Faced Shovel Machine ready to go to work in Chester for Daniel / Costain / Welsh Water.

The Company is a leading Tunnelling and Pipejacking contractor, with a proven track record for the major water companies, including United Utilities, Yorkshire Water, Welsh Water and Northumbrian Water.

With the Company being ’Link Up’ accredited we have the expertise to carry out underground crossings of Railway Lines, Motorways and Rivers. 

Pipejacks and Tunnels ranging from 600mm diameter upto 2.10m diameter can be undertaken using various types of machines suited for varying ground conditions.

From open faced ’Backacters’ suitable for good dry clays, EPBM’s in water bearing clays, full faced TBM’s for wet sands / silts, or even open faced ’Roadheaders’ for moderately strong rock.

Timber Heading

Donegan also specialise in Timber Headings, with a typical example shown above, and carry out augerbore / thrustbore pipe installation as shown below.

225mm Augerbore at Tunstead Milton

225mm diameter clay pipes being installed by augerbore / thrustbore in Tunstead Milton, High Peak, direct for United Utilities.

Pipejack drive pit

1500mm (5ft) internal diameter ’Backacter’ Machine being launched from the ’Drive Pit’ in Wigan, on a project for Shepherd / E. Wright / U.U.