Sheet Piling

Sheet Pilling at Brunswick Road

Above, an octagonal shaped cofferdam with 10m long heavy duty larson sheet piles and tank brace supports to allow the construction of a guide collar, for a 20.00m diameter shaft, approx 9m below ground level in Altrincham.

 Sheet Pilling in Liverpool

Above installing 8m long steel sheet piling along the centre of Strand Street, Liverpool.


Donegan Civil Engineering has the equipment and experience to install heavy duty sheet piling for a number of applications.

Forming cofferdams for the construction chambers, or installing permanent piling for retaining walls is a routine activity for the company.

Gorse Street Cofferdam

Above the first half of a sheeted cofferdam being excavated for the construction of a Reinforced CSO Chamber. Due to the lack of working space the pit was dug in 2 stages.