Segmental Shaft Sinking

25m diameter shaft, South Shields

25.00m diameter shaft, approx 12m deep, constructed for Seymour Civil Engineering Contractors / Northumbrian Water at Newlands Court, South Shields.

Drive Shaft, Dewar Place Cable Tunnel

6.00m diameter drive shaft, approx 24m deep, for the Dewar Place Cable Tunnel, Edinburgh for Scottish Power.

7.00m diameter shaft, Whittle Brook, Penketh

7.00m diameter shaft being sank as a cassion to a depth of approx 11m for GCA in Penketh, Warrington, on a United Utilities project.

The Company is a leading contractor in segmental shaft sinking and has the capabilities to construct shafts of all sizes and depths.

Jacked caissons from 2.40m to 20.00m diameter and by underpinning up to 30.00m diameter, the company has the expertise to construct shafts in all types of ground conditions.

Caisson shaft sinking is the preferred method generally for smaller diameter shafts, especially in poor ground conditions, for example sands and gravels with a high water table.

Generally for shafts larger than 20.00m diameter the underpinning construction method is used, however ground conditions must be suitable, for example firm clays or rock and preferably dry.

With specialised plant and equipment, along with countless years of experience throughout the workforce and management, no project however challenging is beyond our capabilities.

12.50m diameter shaft at Darwen UID

12.50m diameter shaft constructed around an existing 4.10m diameter tunnel to act as a ’Screen Chamber’, just part of the Darwen UID project carried out direct for United Utilities.

15m diameter shaft, Chesterfield

15.00m diameter shaft, approx 25m deep, constructed for E.T.M / Yorkshire Water in Chesterfield.

20m & 9m diameter shaft, Frodsham

A 20.00m diameter shaft, approx 17m deep and a 9.00m diameter shaft, approx 10m deep for Balfour Beatty on a United Utilities project in Frodsham.